This association was  formed in year 1991  under name IFFA - International Free Fight Association from top Brazilian and American athletes , V ale-tudo veterans. In August 24th 2009 we changed the name to WFFA -World Free Fight Association.
Main idea of this organization is to put together all national alliances and organize better cooperation and communication between all the countries and teams included in MMA , concern about athletes health,and give promoters all the choice in one place.
Our members can become national alliances and associations but also independent teams who are not member or don't have domestic association.
We can help you organizing tournament, superfights, title fights and championships.
Our help can be through TV broadcast, organization, human resources, judges, supervising infrastructural, equipment ,promotion,advertising and financial.
Our full members have yearly education seminars for promoters and referee's -we cover most oft he costs, lower costs of competition organizations, lower all other costs ( example: promoter taking fighter from Brazil or USA to Europe, we refund 50-70% plane ticket), free link on our web.
Partial members are alliances, associations and teams that only exchange fighters  through us. No membership fee. No links on our web.
Join us today and make yourself more successful  through us. We deliver fighters in 37 countries all over the world to the biggest MMA organizations.

Our name and logo are protected. Using it without our permission will cause legal sanctions for counterfeiting.

Pride Fight Wear Brazil is one of the oldest fight wear brands in the world. In year 2006, a fake of this brand has shown up in Croatia. Since than, it has spread to the remaining republics of former Yugoslavia. On our tournaments the performance is allowed only in original equipment with a Brazilian manufacturers certificate !!!